31. International tournament in rhythmic gymnastics

When?7th - 8th april 2018
Where?Gimnastični center Ljubljana
SATURDAY, 7th april 2018
Competition A level
SUNDAY, 8th april 2018
Competition B level
Finals A level
(Seniors, junior, prejunior, children)

Tekmovanje poteka pod okriljem:

  • svetovne gimnastične federacije FIG,
  • Gimnastične zveze Slovenije ter
  • Mestne občine Ljubljana.

31. MTM - invitation (.pdf)

Official photographer and cameraman:
Bernd Thierolf – Barny and Marc Schuirmann

The sale of RG apparatus:
Chacott / Sasaki,;

Welcome speech by the President of the KRG Narodni dom Ljubljana

Welcome speech by the President of the KRG Narodni dom Ljubljana

Dear competitors, respected coaches,
judges and friends of rhythmic gymnastics,
welcome to the 31st MTM.

This international youth tournament, which in a little over three decades has become one of the most recognizable rhythmic gymnastics tournaments in Central Europe, has remained faithful to its original idea, expressed by the poet Mila Kačič in her motto: “Oh, bird, endow my youth with wings.” The message of the motto, that may even sound unusually poetic for this sport as we know, helps our thoughts return to the origins of rhythmic gymnastics—youth, sophisticated beauty and unsurpassed elegance, qualities that have no equivalent in the world of sports.

Our tournament, however, is special for one more characteristic that we take great pride in: its overall emphasis is on the competitors, these dedicated athletes that in return continuously reward and amaze us with stunning performances, and sensations. Despite being a competition, the MTM puts the usual sporting evaluation in the background.

This seems like an extraordinary achievement in modern sport that at times flabbergasts us with its relentlessness, and even brutality. The credit for this goes to all those who—when organizing the first tournament—joined in mutual will and endeavor to reach something more beautiful, something better and higher. This approach has remained the basis until this day.

Throughout these years, all this has resulted in successful MTM events, events that have not only hosted extraordinary competitors, but also top coaches and judges. Each time, they have all affirmed that our tournament is something special both for its content as well as for its realization. This year’s MTM, too, will show some world stars and those that are yet to become stars. It will of course host Slovenian competitors that have already started writing exciting chapters in this sport.

During all these years, MTM has become one of the most recognizable rhythmic gymnastics tournaments in Central Europe, an event to which world-renowned competitors and teams are always happy to return. Organizing such a demanding sports event would of course be impossible without endless sacrifice and endeavors of the club’s supporters, parents, coaches, instructors, and of course sponsors and patrons.

We take this opportunity to thank our loyal supporter and MTM patron, Mr. Zoran Janković, Mayor of the City Municipality of Ljubljana, and the sponsors of our competition and club. All of us who have participated in preparing our tournament wish the event to be carried out in the spirit of satisfaction and contentment, and with the hope to meet again next year.

In the name of our Narodni Dom Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, I wish all the competitors, coaches, judges, and all the friends of our club a pleasant stay and fond memories of Ljubljana.

A sports greeting,
Samo Uhan
President of KRG Narodni dom Ljubljana

Gimnastični center Ljubljana
Koprska ulica 29
SI - Ljubljana